well I said I'd post it if I ever found it again...Rog

Re: hoverboard

i can see someone getting hurt on that thing!

Re: hoverboard

But he's only 7 months....they rebound pretty fast at that age and learn to live with the damage...right?

hey Rog

When you put up the URL for something you want people to look at... put it between these 'brackets' .. < URL >

That way we don't have to 'cut and paste' and all that crap.

It will come out in red letters... and we can 'click and go'.

If one person spends 10 seconds doing that... the 40 people who look at it don't have to spend 30 seconds each.. to see it.

Re: thanks fred


I wondered how ya'll did that, still new to this puter thing, I didnt know how to cut and paste until I learned it here,,see the army is good for lots of things

Re: thanks fred

Yeah, thanks Fred, I wondered how to do that as well!

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