Puch taillight wiring

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My taillight assembly has three ports in a horizontal line. The wires coming out of the back fender are blue, grey, and brown. Which wire goes in which port??

I took the taillight off my other Puch to check, and the female ends were in a different pattern on that one, and uncomparable.

Yeah, I could try all combinations until I get the right one, but it'd be easier if someone just told me. : ) I don't expect anyone to go take their lights off, but maybe someone remembers or has it written down somewhere.

thanks thanks thanks

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man, brian is finally working on his ped!

Re: Puch taillight wiring

...and maybe you will follow his good example!


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now, now, boys. Hey I still think we ought to get together sometime (Friday nights I don't work) and drink some beers and watch Easy Rider or Rocky or something. Maybe even look at peds.

anyway... please help, Puch experts.

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I am just waiting on my parts to arrive, and my ped will be complete! Sucka! : )


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Don't know your model but try this. LOOKING at the BACK of the tail light assembly,

Brown always goes to ground, blue/green goes to the right, grey to the left of the blue/green

If you have Maxi or Magnum II style, brown would be the connector on the far left. Grey in the middle, blue/green on remaining right connector.

If you have a Magnum MK II Blue/green far right, brown in the middle to ground and grey on the far left.

Make sure the other end of the brown wire is tightly connected to a clean, non rusty place on the moped. Same with all the brown wires you find. These are your grounds.

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brian phillips /


Re: Puch taillight wiring

brian phillips /

I accidentally hit "enter" before finishin my message : )

Yeah, I forgot to mention it was a Maxi Sport II. So I'll give the combination you listed for that a go.

Thanks again

Re: Puch taillight wiring

You 're welcome and Good luck

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