hey guys, I'm pretty new around here, I've got an 81 tomos silver bullet that I just finished rebuilding back to stock, and I just picked up a couple more bullets that I want to start doing some performance stuff on...question, on the a3 I know that Ill need to bore that rod to fit a 12mm wrist pin, but what else would I need to do or buy to have a fun/quick little scoot. I guess I'm just trying to find recomendations for kit, pipe, and intake/carb. and advice would be great thanks, what combinations do you guys have experience with?

Re: advice?

Downhill Harvey (OFMC) /

I'm pretty sure that boring the small end is not recommended.

Re: advice?

you need to press in a 12mm bushing in to the small end of the crank. Oh and it is not a scoot!

Re: advice?

it's a moped !!!! scoot are un cool lol

Re: advice?

Carlos Spicy Wiener /

You can hone the small out to except the A35 roller bearing without pressing the crank apart. However, it's a majorly hard little bastard and you will burn up a couple of stones in the process. Pressing in a Puch bushing is easier and will hold up just fine.

As for the rest of your question... How wild do to want to spend? Treats has got a pretty good little party kit if you want to do it on the cheap.

You've got alot of reading to do on here to figure out what you want.

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