GREAT NEWS!From Akron Moped!

WOW,Mopeders! I have recently been in the dumps about my busted starter clutch bearing on my Sebring(2-speed).What a find!I called Akron Moped as a last ditch effort (before resigning myself to riding the other 1-speed Minarelli-powered Sebring)and THEY HAVE THAT BEARING ASSEMBLY!!!!! YEEEIIPPEEEE!! I'm driving the 3.5 tomorrow A.M. to get it and anything else I may be able to find I need.What MAZ doesn't have at AKRON MOPED,I'll try to get on the way back at HANDY BIKES.It's GREAT to have them and IKE'S BIKES in the grand State of Ohio.OH!,and one other thing for you TOMOS lovers: You REALLY OUGHT to see the wonderful,beautiful TOMOS REVIVAL all chromed-up at Akron Moped.What a bike!

Re: GREAT NEWS!From Akron Moped!

great luck don. those revivals are beautiful :>)

Re: GREAT NEWS!From Akron Moped!

maz is great. say hi to him from the moped army.

Re: GREAT NEWS!From Akron Moped!

Don of OHIO puttered and uttered....

I'm driving the 3.5 tomorrow A.M. to get it and anything else I may be able to find I need.


You are indeed a KINDRED SPIRIT Don...

Re: GREAT NEWS!From Akron Moped!

Hey,DaveI !I went up there and got everything I needed.If you're talkin' going to the ends of the earth for mopeds,DaveI,I can't carry your drinkin' water.AFRICA!THEN buyin' a moped!Then getting it shipped back here!I can't top that!Have fun,KINDRED SPIRIT! (:^)

Re: GREAT NEWS!From Akron Moped!

corper-ohio /

don your fuckin gay, you work at akron moped. fuckin gay ass promo if you ask me. pop me a email dubass

Re: GREAT NEWS!From Akron Moped!

Why in the world would I e-mail a `sicko' like you?Learn to talk without cursing.You oughtta' learn to respect others,like the other people on this forum do.Sad to see disrespect rising to new heights daily.Hopefully Simon will delete your post and any future decadent ones you spew forth.

Re: GREAT NEWS!From Akron Moped!

davidsmith /

But you never said if you worked at akron moped. hu don hu?

you "oughtta" stop talking like a young kid, stop trying to sell mopeds by pretending your a little kid. you were a little kid, now your an old man. dont all old people want to act young? hu don hu?

Show sum respect to don

Don i know you have been very loyal to this site, you alwase respond to things that we ask you, your a good guy so corper and david your the assholes, not don,

much love man

(someone kick corper and david smith off this site please!)

show sum respect to don

And don if you are the owner or akron moped, its a sweet place, everytime ive been there with my dad and i you guys are alwase nice and alwase go out of your way to show respect and help us find the part i need.

keep it up man

those other guys just dont know you


Re: show sum respect to don

Thanks,James S! I need a little help sometimes.If those guys had read my first post they'd `a seen I had to drive 3.5 hrs. to get to Akron Moped.And James,I guess David doesn't know that `oughtta,shucks,dern,doggone,shoot,and other like terms' are `hillbilly'terms we Southern Ohioans use as common language.I'm almost 50 David,and when you're 49 you'll enjoy talking to folks of all ages probably too.I hope so anyway.Peace!

Re: GREAT NEWS!From Akron Moped!

The nice thing about morons like you David is, that you will probably figure out a way to never grow old. Like taking your self out of the gene pool by mouthing off to the wrong guy who will rip off your head and shit down your neck.

Go away maggot.

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