Need Help w/ headlight on Peugeot 103

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I own a 1977 Peugeot 103SP. I knew that the light was not working but figured that it was just a bulb burnt out. Well the bulb is missing and maybe more.

Could someone please post a picture of the 103 light unit inerds (take the lens off and show me what it is suppossed to look like inside).

Also - does someone have a part number (or description) for the headlight bulb?

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Re: Need Help w/ headlight on Peugeot 103

book says seal beam 6 volt 20watt headlight sorta looks like lawn tractor headlite bulb only the 103 is a 6v. Try , he carries alot of peugeot parts.. Dan

Re: Need Help w/ headlight on Peugeot 103

KelvinKDX /

Thanks Dan,

I do have a manual so i knew that it was a 6V 20W bulb. The manual leaves a lot to be desired (plus mine is just a photocopy of a manual). What i want to see is what holds the bulb. From first looks - i think that there are some pieces missing. I can post o picture of what i got later. I will try contacting mopedwarehouse during the week too. Maybe they can give me some additional help.

I am trying to fix this ped up so that my wife can ride it while i train on my bike. She has a hard time keeping up on her bicycle - she is more of a dirt bike kind of girl.

Thank you,


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