AWWW, I missed you guys.

Hello fellow mopeders, its been a long time, I couldnt get online for a while, but not to worry, for Vespalad! along with all my annoying, thoughtless questions, has returned!!

Hope the new year is treating you all well.

My brother wants to sell me his motobecane for 150 bucks. And I found a 1958 Lambretta for 500 bucks, maybe less, maybe trade for some tools.

Talked the old man into selling me the pair of Yamaha QT50's for 65 bucks apice. And I am the proud owner of a maxi sport that was destined for the dump.

How about all of you? Any amazing purchases and/or close brushes with death?

Re: AWWW, I missed you guys.

Hey,VespaLad! Is your first name Forrest by any chance?A guy I wrote to on International Scooterist found the same deal on a scoot.Some old man he was gonna `con' out of his mint scooter.Ha!(JUST KIDDING,VespaLad!)

Re: AWWW, I missed you guys.

My name is John, not forrest. And this scoot is by no means mint, it's been crashed at least twice. But its good to hear that I'm not the only one who finds good deals on mopeds/scooters.

How have you been Don?

Re: AWWW, I missed you guys.

I've been doing pretty good,John! I've been longing to get out and ride though.Hasn't been that long since I rode,I just miss it.I'm having tranny trouble with my Sebring,but I've got another one to ride if the weather gets nice.Glad you're back!(:^)

Re: AWWW, I missed you guys.

hey! good to have ya back...

you're in CO right? hows everything out that way?


Re: AWWW, I missed you guys.

Yes, Colorado is where I call home. It is getting nicer and nicer here, the weather has been great for riding for almost a week now. Well, its nice for February, anyways. its funny how 40 degrees is freezing in july but the best thing in the world in february!

Hopefully in a month or 2 I will have enough full time riders to apply for a branch!

Re: AWWW, I missed you guys.

What's your elevation out there,VespaLad?

Re: AWWW, I missed you guys.

Higher than Ohio.

Re: AWWW, I missed you guys.

Hey,David G.,that would only have to be 1000 ft. or so! Ha!

Re: AWWW, I missed you guys.

Elevation of Grand Junction, Colorado is 4800 feet, I believe. I live about 27 miles from the Utah/Colorado border.

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