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In the ongoing restoration of my Garelli my next step is to replace the dry-rotting 2x16 tires that it currently has. I realize that, since this isn't my main source of transportation, these tires will be on the 'ped for awhile so I want to do the "right" thing. I do a lot of riding on gravel roads so I would like to get an idea of the widest tires I could put on my current rims. I'm sure 2.25x16 would probably be ok but what about 2.5x16? Or bigger? What about tread type?

Or are there handling considerations as well as rim width and clearance to think about?

Any opinions would be welcomed!

Re: Tire Size Question

I am not sure if you can jump up two sized, but you should be able to get 2.25 to work. Get some trail tread on them if you are going to be on gravel. And get good tires too...no cheapies.

Re: Tire Size Question

Reeperette /

That's the same size Tomos uses, and so I offer the same advice.

Get Cheng Shin tires...cep't you would wanna dirt tread instead of street, which they do make.

Maxxis Tire & Rubber is the US importer for Cheng Shin products, and most cycle shops know where to get Cheng Shin's.

You should be able to fit either size, but don't take my word at that, check with someone who knows Garelli's a little better than I do.

Hands down, Cheng Shin stomps any other current manufacturer for quality and durability.

Also, try this...go to Walmart and buy a pair of BELL Self-Sealing tubes in a 17"-18" Size...(1-2 inches over) and put them in, instead of the stock moped tubes.

The price is about the same, but the Bell tubes have a little more rubber to them, and self-sealing capability, preventing those annoying pinhole leaks and such.

Enjoy !


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