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hi i have a tomos targa lx i have a few questions my low beam light burned out today and at the same time my right turn signal stopped working.......if the headlight burns out is there a reason why the turn signal stopped working or is it all just one big coincedince

Re: tomos lights

Hi,Jeff! Reeperette is the resident Tomos user and answers a lot of posts on them.I have only heard that the resultant overvoltage when you blow a headlight will tend to either blow a fuse or blow some bulbs fairly quickly.Someone who knows more will answer you,I'm sure.

Re: tomos lights

Tomos don`t use a fuse, it just happened at the same time.... Doug D.

Re: tomos lights

Reeperette /

Make sure your Voltage regulator's still workin, and check your tail light too, cause that'll prolly blow next.

The way it's wired...that's the way they go, low beam, right front signal, tail light, left front signal....never blew any past that, but they blow in that order.

From a safety perspective, I can see why...since the brake light works even after the tail light blows.


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