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I've got a friend (who lives in Michigan actually) that has a small business making hats, patches, t-shirts, etc. She's not really set up for huge quantities so I asked if she could make a couple of patches for me of the Garelli logo.

Attached is a pic of the patch. She has to have $10.00 for each patch since quantity is small and she has to cover expense of digitizing, etc. but can bring the price down with more orders. I'm getting just a couple (to sew on my saddlebags!)and before I do I thought I would check to see if anyone else has an interest in them. I guess she could make other logos as well. Let me know and I'll point you her way.

I know this borders on buy/sell but I'm taking the chance anyway. Sorry if it's a forum faux pas.


Re: Garelli Patch

hey steve! man, that is sweet!

i dont have a garelli, but if you point me to her, ill see if she is interested in making motobecane ones! im sure alot of those could be sold.. maybe simon could make them available on the site?? you know, get a few brands together and kinda take orders for them.. just a thought


Re: Garelli Patch

InfectedBootSector /

Can ya see if she will do some Puch patches? I'll buy 4....

Re: Garelli Patch

Simon King /

I'd be more than happy to promote moped patches on the site - though I don't have any funds to get stock or anything. You can actually find old garelli and especially puch patches for cheap on eBay pretty often. I've bought a Puch patch on eBay for $5 before.

Re: Garelli Patch

id love to get a couple of puch patches. count me in!!!!!!!!!!

Re: Garelli Patch

yeah, maybe everyone can pool $$ together and place a big order for the exact number... i know i'd like a couple motobecane ones... i was actually thinking of pricing them out here...

and yeah, i got a whole package of different kinds of kreidler patches on Ebay for emily... all NOS and very nice looking...


Re: Garelli Patch

Ok, I'll call her tomorrow and let her know that there is potential for a little business in moped patches. I have no idea how busy she is. I'm not entirely sure if she was doing them as a favor, or if she's covered up making hats, or if she'll be really psyched about it. I'll find out more tomorrow and post a follow-up.

Re: Garelli Patch

Matt-Cincy /

sign me up for 3 if we can get them for 6 or 7.

if not just one let me know


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