Break in on a new top end? 50cc 2 stroke

Soon I'll have the parts I need to complete my honda gyro project and I was wondering ...After installing new piston, rings, base and head gaskets what will I need to do for proper break in and for how long should I worry about breaking it in? When will it be safe to hold it wide open for long stretches?

It's a 50cc honda 2 stroke.

The cyclinder is plated with something making it unnecessary to bore it out. That's what they told me at the dealer! The cylinder looks fine but the piston definately has a bunch of burn marks on it and lots of carbon on the top.

Does anyone know the laws in NY state regarding 50cc mopeds? Do I need to register, insure or inspect this moped?


Re: Break in on a new top end? 50cc 2 stroke

InfectedBootSector /

Check out for the law questions... they have some info there fo ya!

As far as break in goes(I'm actually concerned with this to, as I am about ready to install a 70cc kit on my Puch), you probably want to an oz or two more oil that usual during the break in period and gradually decrease the oil to normal rages after a few hundred miles... do plug chops often...

Re: Break in on a new top end? 50cc 2 stroke

hey don.. search the forum for "break in period" or something like that.. i have seen fred, i think, post the general rules for breaking in a new ped...

good luck! those gyros are way cool... even for scooters! feels like you are riding in george jetson's car or something... =]


One tank of gas

One tank of gas should be fine for just a new piston/rings.

you don't have to be as careful as for a totally new motor.

A chrome bore eh ?

Didn't know Honda did that... that's a good thing (generally).

One tank of gas.... start it up and ride slowly for 10 minutes 3 times... let it cool off all 3 times.

Then you can go a little faster for a little longer... let it cool again after each 15 minute (or so) the time you get thru that tank... your good to go... just don't flog it wide open for a mile at a time during the first tank.

Re: One tank of gas

good info thanks guys!

The gyros are pretty unique.

Since they don't have pedals does that mean they are not considered mopeds?

Re: One tank of gas

They fall into a unique catergory called "NOPEDS". 50 cc and not really a scooter in the classic sense. I have some Honda Urban Expresses that are 50 cc, 2 hp and top out at 30 mph but are kick starts with no pedals.

Re: One tank of gas

I know in Ohio, if it doesn't have pedals, you can't register it as a moped. Where I live, 1 minute away from Ohio, in Kentucky, you dont' need tags or anything to ride one. It differs state to state. I here New York laws are pretty shitty.

Re: Break in on a new top end? 50cc 2 stroke

Hey Don, I wanted to buy a gyro, untill I found out here in VA, where there are allmost no moped restrictions, having 3 wheels it would have to be tagged as a scooter, yep, title, insurance, inpection, taxes...... but still think they are really cool..... Doug D.

Re: One tank of gas

Simon King /

I was just digging through some old newspaper articles on mopeds today at the library and came across something that said at one point you had to have pedals in michigan - but now you don't. in '83 they changed the laws -- they were stalling on changing them before because it makes it easier for law enforcement if they can recognize it as a moped from the pedals.

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