only $1,800???? really?????

Pretty sure this Guy is abusing recreational drugs.

wait, a maxi for how much?

Re: only $1,800???? really?????

Probably needs the money to finish university!

Re: only $1,800???? really?????

FakeDad Blastmussen /

Hey whatever dude, only 1017 miles, and he didn't even soy any dry rot.

But for that price, the moped better be fuck-able.

Re: only $1,800???? really?????

maybe if it was a new in the crate honda super cub.

Re: only $1,800???? really?????

I can understand why some people who don't have any knowledge of common moped pricing would price their mopeds this way. I would imagine that they see as many modern 50cc scooters cost somewhere around the $1800 mark, and while an old moped may not be as "nice" as a new vehicle, it's also got the whole classic/antique thing going for it, so why not ask for somewhere around what a new chinese scooter would cost.

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