I just want to share this story

I've fixed the problem a while ago, but wanted to see if anybody could tell what the problem was.

Last summer I was working on and restoring my Magnum mk II that i had just gotton. I was fixing each little thing at a time.

I had noticed that when It was running there was tranny fluid comming out were the clutch cable went into the engine. (i later found out that this was becasuse there was too much fluid in there)

So i take the cover off and start looking around and then i start taking things apart and i couldn't find anything. I put it back together and put too much fluid back in again, and Go to fire it up, and it starts.

I twist the trottle and the engine revs up to full rpm, and the bike goes no where?

This really makes me think. hummmmm? what the F#@*.

I then push the bike along while the engine is running and pull the clutch lever for the second time. This then puts the bike into second gear from what appears to be neutral. It usally stalled, but sometimes i got it going from 2nd.

I fooled around a little bit and got it to do something new.

If it was in neutral (which it was always in when you started up the bike), and i was idling it low, and i was at a stop, i would lean the bike close the ground and POP!!!!!!! It clicked into 1st. It would also click into 1st if I bounced the front wheel up and down from a stop.

After i found out how to get it into 1st from neutral it was pretty cool. I was ridding it around like a motorcycle.

I would be at a stop sign in neutral, I would bounce the front tire up and down to get it to click into first, it would then switch into 2nd by itself. When I would slow down to about 5mph it would click into neutral and i would rev the engine again.

Reving the engine on a moped sounds pretty cool.

cooler then when it is on the stand

I later discovered the problem and fixed it.

Can anyone guess what the problem was?

Paul L

Hint: it had to do with me fooling around in the transmission.

Re: PUCH Quiz

Did u seize a bushing on the drive shaft? First gear rollers defective? Im not sure, was ur clutch slippin, did u just remove somethin from it?

I wanna try this on my busted up 2 speed heh. Hows it done

Re: PUCH Quiz

Isnt there a return spring in there? Did u remove it? I think thats what controls the shift, but im not sure so enlighten us

Re: PUCH Quiz

I have no idea ,but that is what wrong with mine , start is up,raise the rpm and the rear wheel at a stand still. pull the lever and goes into second.i figured the first clutch is out,so getting ready to replace it. Dan

Anthony wins

The problem was.

When I was putting it back together, I put the roller bushing in, but i put them in without pulling the little metal flap first. You have to visualize this. you can slide the bushing in next to the metal flap, or you can move the flap to the other side( now there in tension on the flap) and then insert the bushing.

That was the whole problem.

Dan!!!!!!!!!! Do not go and buy a new one. My bike did the same thing.

Hopefully now you know what the problem is.

Paul L

Re: Anthony wins

Thanks all of u ,Paul that got me first gear,or at least on the kickstand i didn't ride it yet. Its leaving black tire make on my kitchen floor. Dan

Re: Anthony wins

glad to help people form my mistakes.

Paul L

Re: Anthony wins

glad to help people from my mistakes.

Paul L

Re: PUCH Quiz

this is so funny, I changed the oil and tried to see if the clutches were in good condition (no manual of course). Well I did the same thing, and had the same retsult. Glad to know I was not the only one who wasted some of ATF opening it up again.

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