Deadly pothole

Atomicon7 /

I bottomed out after accidently running over a pothole on my kinetic TFR. I popped the back tire but the worst part is, I havent been able to get the engine to stay started while I ride. I can get it started fine and it idles forever but as soon as I try to ride it, it poops out. Everything is fine with the fuel line and there doesnt appear to be any damage to the bottom of the bike. What could be wrong? Im afraind to take it apart because I don't have a lot of experience in repairing engines. I dont want to make it worse.

Re: Deadly pothole

Ron Brown /

Unless someone else comes up with a better idea, if it gasps and dies like it is running out of gas, I would clean the main jet and carb bowl. You may have shaken some dirt loose when you hit.

You should also ckeck that you did not shake the carb. loose in the intake.

You say the fuel line is ok. Have you removed it from the carb and checked for good fuel flow?

Just in case it makes a difference, how soon does it poop out when you try to ride it?


Re: Deadly pothole

Check your carb, airbox, exhaust....Make sure everything is on snug. You could have made something loose, that is leaning it up too much to run.

Re: Deadly pothole

Matt Kile /

I'll assume that the rear wheel spins as easily as it used to, and that's not the problem.

Was the pothole big enough to mash the exhaust? A restricted pipe will let it idle well, but die when you try to ride off.

Re: Deadly pothole

Yeah, sounds like a loose carb... trying wiggling it and see if it's loose...any looseness can make the engine stop running.....just tighten the carb clamp and you should be fine

Re: Deadly pothole

Atomicon7 /

It was a loose carb. Thanks everybody for helping me get my wheels back!

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