worth buying?


2, not running for 25 years, $300 or best offer

Re: worth buying?

Ron Brown /


Unless they are rust buckets, absolutely.


Re: worth buying?

25 years??? Wow..... long time. Mine sat since '85 and here's what all I had to do to it....

New petcock.

New fuel lines

soak cables in ATF for about 3 days to break free, even then, two were still frozen.

New air filter

New tubes and tires

Muratic Acid for the fuel tank (then Kreem liner if needed)

New inline fuel filter so you can see if you got all the crud out of the tank when you do the above step.

New carb rebuild kit.

New light bulbs.

New battery

New Seat cover

New spark plug

Engine flush for the transmission, once you get it going.

New trans. fluids, changed about 4 times once running to clean out

New electrical parts (CDI for me) You might need new points/condensor/etc. etc.

LOTS of sandpaper


Easy out for screws that you will strip out when you try and take things apart

About 3 cans of WD-40 with straw.

Repack all bearings with good grease (HIGHLY recommend Mercruiser Grease)

New break shoes

Have to have the drums turned for brakes

Don't get discouraged here, but it CAN be done. Maybe you can do like I did. I actually had two QT50's. Figured out what worked on what, then picked the one wih the best paint, and combined the two of them. Have one working really well, the other, strictly for parts. You never know when you'll need parts. Things break or disappear.

Going to take a lot of time, but it will be fun.

Re: worth buying?

depends on what they look like but for the most part I'd say" oh hell yeah" ... are they 125's, and if their both all there can I get one of them??

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