quest for a moped

does anyone know where there are any good moped classifieds on the net?

I'm still on my search for a used tomos targa. Thanks.


Re: quest for a moped

Try the Buy/Sell Forum here, or the classifieds at

There's plenty out there if you know where to look.


Re: quest for a moped

also try

search using only the keyword "moped"... there are tons of tomos mopeds on there all the time..

good luck!


Re: quest for a moped

those are the same results i get as at walnecks.

Re: quest for a moped

oh, thats right... i forgot that they were the same thing...

also, try auto auctions... they almost always have at least one moped in the lot...

and local "trading post" papers... i think just about every moped any of us have ever had has been found there...


Re: quest for a moped

Sprint Man /

Go to or ask your local moped dealer, if they sell used Tomos Targas

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