Well, maybe it's not a moped, but...

Reeperette /

Have a look anyway.

It sure has moped "Spirit".


Ford is discontinuing the Thinkbikes, so they can be grabbed for $595, or even $495 if you work for Ford or one of it's affiliates.

Tis an electric/rechargable motor-assisted Bicycle.

Does about 20mph tops and has a 22mile range on the motor alone (at top speed, presumably) and limitless range on a bowl of cornflakes and some musclepower.

It is geared as a bicycle, which a lot of electrical-assisteds are not.

Charges up in about 6 hours.

While it's not really a moped, it sure has the spirit of one, and ain't a half-bad buy for the price, but if you're gonna get one, get it now.

I wonder if this could be hybrid with a whizzer engine, it's be a neat thing to do.


Re: Well, maybe it's not a moped, but...

gimmyjimmy /


i'll stick with my motorpedal, i thought segway was gonna be the shiat, but im not so sure now.

Re: Well, maybe it's not a moped, but...

I was looking hard at the electric bicycles for awhile... but at the time they were in the $1000 range or higher,pretty steep...They had heavy lead acid batteries which would be hell to lug if your juice ran out....had an advertised speed of 18mph on a flat, which most likely meant 15mph in the real world and I bet slowed down as the battery drained weaker..... and I have a 30 mile work commute...at .15mph, less on the hills, would have been a time killer and would have made my boss mad by me being late to work everyday.... no, I opted for a much faster gasoline moped and am glad of the choice.....now if my India made moped will just stop breaking parts I'll be ok :)

This one you found might be great for some people's needs though..

If battery technology improves and they keep the prices down ,the electric bikes might be something nice to try.... don't think they're quiiiiiiiiite there yet for me though. Oh, and in New Jersey, as the laws stand right now, Id actually would legally have to register,title and insure an electric bicycle as a motorcycle... go figure

Re: Well, maybe it's not a moped, but...

Ron Brown /


On the way home from the BBQ last fall, we came across a shop in the middle of nowhere selling e-bikes. I am not sure, but I think that the Ford bikes may be made by them, the folding model certainly looks similar.

E-bikes were running on ni-cads and came with a battery tender style charger. The store owner said they were coming out with a new battery pack using NiMh batteries for longer range.

We test rode the bikes and the thing that impressed me the most was that you could not tell they were electric while pedalling, until you cranked on some power. The motor seemed to cause no drag at all. Other than being heavier, the bike rode like any other 10 speed.

The also had a model which would not provide electrical power unless you pedalled it. You did not have to do any more than give the pedals a turn every few seconds, even without applying power. The owner said he had heard that you could disable this "need to pedal feature", wink, wink, nudge, nudge. : )

The reason for this feature was that it apparently quallified as a pedal powered bicycle and was not covered by DOT regs. It did not need lights and turn signals and did not need to be registered. Obviously, one of the manufacturer's attorneys had done some clever research and figured out some loophole in the DOT regs.

Prsonally, I thought the bike was great, but like you, thought the price was a bit steep.


Re: Well, maybe it's not a moped, but...

I do have a electric bike ,a e bike Lee made a product.i myself like the bike.comes with cruise control , darn good lights,brakelights, ,i have a fake leg and it works great with a little work .im in the country of Pa. this would be ideal for city folk.

But if im going far i use one of my mopeds Dan


Reeperette /

Yanno, Dan....I wound up breakin the first couple prosthetic legs they gave me, seems that mosta the designs of em are pure crap.

If yer interested, I can maybe hook you up with some info from my docs, a buncha frankensteins that really "build a body better" you might say.

I pretty my laid out the design specs for mine, and a prosthetic engineerin firm in MD (Dankmeyer) doped em out and built a nice piece, but they fit it so badly it never worked right....so when I moved to MI and hooked up with "Ozzy" (Dr. Aziz Nasir) He had it redone with a gel-sleeve and locking socket attachment - and this thing rocks.

The only disadvantage to it is that it doesn't have a triaxial (three-axis) ankle on it, but most folks don't need that (hell, I dun need it, but I want one!).

It's a serious piece of work tho, made from the same stuff glock pistols are, virtually indestructable and capable of kicking a standard household door open in a single shot if you have the muscle power to back it, while being light enough to climb a tree if you so desire.

Lemme know man, cause that "works great with a little work" sounds like some of the hassle that drove me up the wall with mosta the one's I had.

Hook you up, serious..


Re: Hmmm.

Ree the little work is what i call exercise. Hell i got 6 moped to ride, got 13 but only 6 running. My fake works ok, but when i first got it ,it was hell,the fit,

i lost it going down the road one day, had a Harley then,shifting like a crazy pulled up to catch a gear damn leg fell off and a truck ran over it.Did one good job of smashing it , Had to get tow truck for me & the bike because i couldn't shift the bike to get home. Flip that poor guy out in the truck.Thats when i decided to get a better fit. Ive had a lot of fun with this thing. pulled some funny stuff.

Re: Hmmm.

Reeperette /

Oh hella yeah -you can pull some amazing gag on people, glad to see I ain't the only with with an actual sense of humor about such things, cause there's times I wonder..

Got shunned from one of them disability support groups cause of my "you-beat-it-or-it-beats-you" attitude, they didn't want support, they wanted sympathy...bah, piss on em.

Way I look at it, if imma hafta use non-OEM parts, imma upgrade in the process, whether it be my bike or my bod, heh.


Re: Hmmm.

Ree those words are right ,sympathy, I had the people at a hospital wanted to hire me to talk other amps, told then forget it their not dragging me down in the dump ,80% of them wanted smypathy, love that non-oem shit ,thats neat.

you should of seen me the 1st time trying to water ski, that was hoot.

Re: Well, maybe it's not a moped, but...

Hey,Ree! About the electrics:You know how we mopeders aren't allowed on the bike trails of this country in general?Well,on most `bike trails' nothing is said against an electric assisted bike on those same trails.They'd be great for the return trip of say 20 miles when a person is REALLY worn out from pedalling.I may just get one if they lighten them up a little so I can pedal easier.

Re: Well, maybe it's not a moped, but...

I think that state regulations on electric bicycles are in their infancy..... I emailed the NJ DMV for their regulations and some idiot emailed me back and said that electric bicycles could only be ridden on private property.....what an A- hole ! Totally inaccurate and obviously just a brush-off...With people like this in state government just making up whatever rule they feel like and telling the public these kinds of things makes you wonder if anyone in DMV actually knows what the hell they are doing ?

I think California might be one state in the forefront of starting to come up with some actual electric bicycle regulations.....hopefully the more progressive states will be able to eventually enlighten the more backwards states like NJ...

The great thing about an electric bicycle is that they are quiet and many look just like a regular bicycle.... so I bet if you just pedalled it around, with it's quiet electric motor, that no one would ever bother you too much....unless, maybe if you got in a moving violation and some cop or lawyer wanted to give you a hard time about technicalities...of course, this is in NJ and I'm sure that other states might have much better rules about electrics...

Yes, nimh batteries and lithiums would be cool for an electric bike.....I'm sure we'll be seeing these batteries in bikes...and I'm sure that they're gonna demand a premium price too ! I would want lighter batteries and lower price...

If I lived in another state I'd have me a gasoline motor on a bicycle....you can buy some reasonable priced units and attach them to any bike you want.... some have a centrifical clutch and allow you to freewheel or to kick in the gas juice when you are tired of pedalling.....but I live in NJ and they treat a motorized bicycle as a motorcycle...you need to register,insure,title it as a motorcycle, take a motorcycle test and discourage such vehilces it seems.... the land of the Free does not include NJ !


Re: Well, maybe it's not a moped, but...

That's a bummer on the motorized bicycle law in NJ,Jimmy.I just bought my 11 yr. old,Weston,a Kawasaki bicycle that had a 1.2 H.P. engine on it.I'm gonna let him loose on it and I don't anticipate any trouble from Ohio police,although I could be mistaken.I wanted him to be able to come along on short moped trips with me without having to ride on the Sebring behind me.It's a radical looking bike with the engine rear-mounted and a roller drives the tire.The electric bike sounds like your best bet for bicycling in NJ,right?

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