wtf is this engine

This is a benelli motorella with a 3 speed twist shift. Have no idea what it is. Exhaust mount is weird and i cracked it open it could probably use a new piston and rings. no idea were to get parts. Anyone have any ideas let me know. thanks


Re: wtf is this engine

bust out your micrometer or vernier caliper and take some measurements. if it's like the other Benlli engines it's a 40mm piston with a 12mm wrist pin

Re: wtf is this engine

my buddy rys got a benelli so i read this thread that motor looks sweet how fast well when you get it going im curious thats a noped right??

Re: wtf is this engine

yaeh no pedals. does about 25 all stock. im looking to work a pipe on it somehow

Re: wtf is this engine

3 speed? dude, you should be able to beat 25mph...

yeah, measure all aspects of your piston. like, enough to make a really good drawing of it - there is a good chance you can find one close enough to use.

as for the pipe, you can buy just an expansion chamber from treats (ie proma GP), just measure the OD of the header, buy the appropriate clamp, and fab up a flange to attach to the pipe. Worked super well for my Kreidler.

Keep posting updates on this bike! I am interested in your progress.

Re: wtf is this engine

the gears are really short so its pretty slow

pipe seems ridiculously restrictive and header is pretty damn small

want to change that asap but its threaded into the jug, which i think you can see in the pics. For now im just trying to diagnose some airleaks and get it running correct. Its fun as fuck i'll tell you that much

Re: wtf is this engine

oh, you really may not need to change the header; I'm willing to bet it's clogged as heck with carbon and crap. That's probably limiting your speed too.

as for the gears, I restored a Rockford-Bridgestone 49cc motorcycle very similar to your Benelli with 3 gears and it went pretty quick with what appears to be a very similar setup as you have. fun as hell, too!

any chance you could get a picture of the side of the bike with the exhaust?

BTW, I looked at your carburetor - is that a dellorto? looks like an older SHA.

Re: wtf is this engine

14/12 sha

ill take a pic tomorrow its getting dark over here

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