Urban Express NU50

Ok I know these are supposed to be slower but how? I know they were made to be slower for the Iowa moped laws but what is mechanically limiting them I don't know why but I want one of these.

Re: Urban Express NU50

OK first. noped.

next, not all nu50s are iowa. only the iowa ones are. Nu50I are the iowa ones.

finally, the iowas, they go 25 max. it's restricted in the intake and exhaust. regular nu50 will go 35 if you swap belt, free up the airfilter and derestrict the exhaust. a proma pipe'll get it low 40s

Re: Urban Express NU50

noped nomatter. are the Iowa models also belt driven and would this do anything for them? Intakes, can the be modded or swapped? Pipes where to get em? If the belts do make a difference where do I score a better one. Has anyone checked to see if the variators are restricted at all such as washer or shims betwixt them?

Re: Urban Express NU50

Funny cause my Iowa Urban will run 32mph on a flat, only mod was the BX31 gates belt.

Re: Urban Express NU50

So how do we know for sure its an Iowa bike he has a pic of teh vin in the add

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