Showing off intake: pinto+4petal+PHBG

I just spent something like 5 hours making this intake for my pinto and I'll be damned if I do t show it off a bit because it's AWESOME! E50, treats 70cc reed valve kit, Polini 4 petal reed block, 21mm PHBG. The thing is that the intake that came with the block wouldn't clear the frame. It's basically as short as possible while putting the carb right where I wanted it. I.D. Of the intake is 20.8mm and everything clears the frame just barely with tons of room for feet. I put some gas tank repair putty over the weld on the bottom to cover up a shitty weld I made and make it look decent for paint to come. Booya Pinto...I just made you my bitch!

Re: Showing off intake: pinto+4petal+PHBG

that's pretty good dude

Re: Showing off intake: pinto+4petal+PHBG

† CH∆D † /

I like your enthusiasm.

Re: Showing off intake: pinto+4petal+PHBG

That intake is dumpy as hell, but Damn does it fit the purpose. Good job.

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