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Had a run in with the gentlemen in blue last night, tail light was out. But oh was he such a dick the moment he opened his mouth i wanted to close it up for him. So after a lot of grief and accusing me of riding an unregistered stolen bike (dunno where that came from), he gave me a second ticket for not having turn signals. This hit me weird because i thought they weren't required equipment in NJ. Im just gonna pay it and not fuss as its better than going through the hassle and missing work and all that fun stuff. but I wanted to ask if anyone is familiar with the laws in NJ, if they could back me up or tell me im wrong so i know if this is something i need to take care of for the future or just ignore as that 1/100 kinda thing. the bike was originally equipped with them if that makes a difference. Thanks guys.

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Motorcycles that came originally equipped with turn signals are required to have them. I do not believe the same rule holds true for mopeds. (edited)

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i live in NJ aswell, aparently u dont need them if u use your hands for turn signals, thats what the dude at the DMV told me atleast

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my peds have no blinkers and they came that way. I've never had an issue

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if i am not mistaken it goes by the year of manufacture 77 and before it wasn't required equipment on mopeds.

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I believe you are thinking of the pre '64 Chevy Corvair, White dog.

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see page 5, "MOPEDs are lighter and have

less power than even the smallest

motorcycles. They also lack

certain standard equipment

found on motorcycles, such as

turn signals, two rearview

mirrors, and so on."

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I tried to look up your state's laws, but the website for all the laws is so horrible, I wanted to rip my eyeballs out.

The way it seems to work in most states is that turn signals are required for all motor vehicles, but a moped (or motorized bicycle, or motorized pedal-cycle, or whatever your state calls it) is specifically excluded from the definition of a motor vehicle. (Most states also have year requirements, like if it was manufactured before 19XX then you don't need them, although usually that's for motorcycles/motor vehicles, and usually we're outside of that definition anyway) . I did get far enough into the NJ laws to see that this does indeed hold true as a general definition for you -- mopeds are excluded from the definition of both a motor vehicle and a vehicle. However, I noticed in one of the later sections (for lighting) that the redefined "vehicle" just for that one section, and that definition DID include mopeds. You'd probably have to find the law that requires you to have turn signals (and if you got a ticket for it, the cop should have written it down), and then you can work on proving -- for current or future reference -- that he was right or wrong. That pdf above is probably a pretty good resource too, although it doesn't hurt to be able to cite the actual laws as well.

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