I need your help.

I live in GA and I would like to start riding a moped to work and school. I live close to train and bus stations. I am a big guy (6'4" 290LBS) so I know I need more than a 50cc moped. I am going to go to a MSF weekend to get my license.

I need to know where to look for a moped. I keep finding shady sites online and I don't know where to start on craigslist.

I need to know how to pick a model and where to buy it. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. (edited)

Re: I need your help.

I would go with a streetmate man. Its made by tomos and should be able to handle a larger person but still perform really great. With a pipe and a jet you should be cruisin in no time.

Re: I need your help.

You don't want to start riding a moped if you're looking for something over 50cc -- mopeds are generally considered anything 50cc or less. You probably mean you're looking for a scooter (there is a difference.... sorry if we're assholes about it), and since you want something over 50cc, I'm guessing you want a 125-150cc scooter. In most states, the displacement and speed characteristics of a scooter like that will qualify you as a motorcycle or motor-driven cycle and obligate you to be registered and have a motorcycle license, insurance, and all of that fun stuff. Which begs the question: If you're gonna have to get a motorcycle license/insurance/registration to ride it, why limit yourself to a scooter ("moped")? For the price of a reputable scooter -- not one of the junk Chinese ones -- you can probably just get a motorcycle that would be better suited to your size. If there are any reasons why you're more attracted to the scooter/moped over a motorcycle, I'd be interested in hearing those though, since those would be important considerations in choosing a ride.

Anyway, you'll probably get some other replies here (and some of them may actually be worthwhile), but you might want to post this on a scooter forum (ScootDawg or ScooterBBS) as well. They'll have more experience with the larger displacement and modern models you're looking for (we do mostly vintage stuff here), so they'll have more pertinent advice than we will.

Re: I need your help.

Cosmo nPuch Stillstolen /

You came to the right place! My stock Puch Maxi pulled my 220lb carcass at 30 MPH around town just fine.

The folks here know their stuff.

Re: I need your help.

If your near ATL contact the Swoops... But are you looking for a moped or scooter?

Re: I need your help.

larger than 50cc is not legaly a moped in most states, you may be wanting a scooter, if so get a Honda, Yamaha or a Vespa, not one of those junky Chinese ones. True mopeds can be kitted to be more than 50cc, and may be an idea if you need xtra power. I weigh about 200 give or take a few from day to day. 50cc gets me about 30 or so. not sure what another 90 pounds would do to that though, not making fun of you just saying. Maybe a Small motorcycle would serve you better? Best of luck with whatever you choose.

Re: I need your help.

thank you everyone. I did know I was looking for more than 50cc but I did not know it wasn't a moped. I have been looking into it and all I can seem to find is this same scooter just re-branded. I'll take a look at the other forums for scooter. thanks everyone.

Re: I need your help.

my buddy tim i built a vespa grande for and when he get on a scale it doesnt read his weight 300 + something variated i chose a vespa grande becuase it is big and force air cooled it doest over heat pulling his ass around

stock it does only do 25 -30 never more ( with him on it )

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