Hey all. I was wondering weather you think it's worth wearing leathers on a moped or whether I'll be fine without them. The reason I ask is because I recently came off my moped while the roads were slippery and grazed my skin quite badly due to not wearing leathers. Do you think it's worth paying out the money for leathers or shall I just carry on as I was before with just jeans, textile bike jacket, and helmet?

Thanks, looking forward to the replies.

Re: Leathers?

you can just get a set of textile or mesh riding pants that will offer abbrasion protection. you can get overpants so you can just slip them on and off. much more convenient. you could also get a set of kevlar-reinforced jeans (draggin jeans and other brands), or even abrasion resistant tights to wear under your pants.

denim offers basically no abrasion protection when you hit the ground. leather pants/full on leather riding suit goes to the opposite end of the spectrum, and is really overkill for everyday riding. then again, that other kind of safety gear is expensive.

check places like newengough.com, revzilla, etc. these things all fit weirdly, as they are made specifically to be worn in riding positions, so itd be to your advantage to go somewhere and try your safety gear on first. unless youre just getting the jeans or shorts or whatever.

Re: Leathers?

Patrick Baltard /

I've crashed wearing a pleather jacket and have walked away with just minor scratches (most damage was to my left knee though). Any sturdy jacket should suffice.

Check craigslist if you're looking for a motorcycle jacket though! I just picked up a brand new Joe Rocket jacket for $50 that I'll be wearing when I do my ride this summer.

Re: Leathers?

the advantage of actual riding jackets is that they come with foam or hard armor pads integrated into them. all leather does is protect your skin.

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