Chicago title/registration craziness

So I just bought my first moped ever (awesome). A 1978 Cimatti. I've gotten a lot of advice about getting it registered in IL but the process seems nuts. (Getting someone else to register it in MI and transferring it back to me... wtf? It still needs to be re-registered in IL. It makes no sense.) There's mopeds all over this city, there has to be a better way.

What would happen if I walked in the IL DMV and said "I have a 33 year old moped that I bought in IL with no title (that I know of). Make it legal. I will do whatever, pay any amount... just make it legal." Is this really not possible? If it's not, does anyone know why? Do I really have to go through all this bullshit? Please help.

Re: Chicago title/registration craziness

Vote Libertarian.

Re: Chicago title/registration craziness

Go to the Thompson Center DMV in the loop. They know what to do. If it's pre-1980, you should have no problem getting it titled and registered for around $130.

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Re: Chicago title/registration craziness

Awesome. thats just what I wanted to hear. So, just for my own curiosity what happens if it's post 1980? cant a person just say that the title is lost and get another one?

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