Peugeot Speedo Lightbulb

So my speedo light is burnt out and i would like to replace it. I cant find anything like it anywhere (I searched). anyone know what is compatible with the stock fitting/wiring? all i can make out on the markings is NORMA 6V and what looks like 0,8 or 0,6

any ideas?


Re: Peugeot Speedo Lightbulb

I have NOS Norma 6V 0.6W, E10 base bulbs... 2 for $10, shipped.



Re: Peugeot Speedo Lightbulb

Kevin Pierce /

i got 2 6.3v 250mA bulbs from radio shack. They seem to be working fine. if not ill let you know

Re: Peugeot Speedo Lightbulb

Downhill Harvey (OFMC) /

VW parts store.

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