General 5 Star ST????

I have a buddy selling one and i was wondering what there all about ( I only know puch and there E50's but a small motor is a small motor) SO what motor do they have? ( looks like a sachs), pro's and con's of the bike? I would do a search but its broken.

Any info would be awesome! Thanks!!!

Re: General 5 Star ST????


Search is fixed, now, but I, too, am interested in finding out more info about General Mopeds. I used to see them all the time when I was growing up (late '70's and well into the '80's). Back then, if it was a step through frame moped, it was either a Puke or Sachs (with Puch's being by and far the majority) and if it was a top tank moped, it was a General. I never even knew Puke made a top tank until I discovered this site. I am surprised that Generals are not in the Wiki.


Re: General 5 Star ST????

Generals usually have either one of the variations of the Sachs 505 engine or, the more sought after these days, Minarelli V1 or V1L. There is plenty about both in the Wiki. It shares parts with plenty of other mopeds so you can usually find what you need unless it's a gas cap which go for like $50 for some reason...there must have been a General gas cap thief back in the 80's or something. After 1977mopeds picked up Handy Bikes stock they listed about 908345790 different General parts so check that out.

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