what is it.

Could you guys help me identify this moped.

A guy visited my site http://www.jawacorner.com and asked

me if I knew what it is. I don't know that much about the

mopeds so I came to you.

The steering head says it is a 196? model 05.

It is not unusual to see a Jawa dated with a ? in the last

digit, if you guys could help I would appreciat it.


Re: what is it.

Does it have pedals? I kinda looks like an old honda motorcycle.

Re: what is it.

Reeperette /

Only a Guess, but a 1960-1961 Jawa Babetta <sp> ?

Although the styling is more late-50ish.


Re: what is it.

I found it. It is a Jawa 50 typ 20, 21 Pion


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