new show/contest

Hey guys and gals here's something new to do

You think we could make a warrior moped?????

Re: new show/contest

Reeperette /

You're damn right we can.

Save that it would need considerably more horsepower than a stock moped engine delivers.

While we might be using a moped frame, the engine would depend on the driver....if ya had me drivin it (and it seems I might be one of the few loony enough) we'd hafta go with a Honda Ct70 motor(70cc), one of the ones with automatic shifting.....or if we could find one, a Honda Helix(244cc) or Yamaha Riva motor(124cc).

>>The competition is in fact a series of tests. The course is TOP SECRET but we can tell you that your vehicle has to be able to handle all terrains, climb any hill (at least 30 degrees), be manoeuvrable, tow a reasonable amount of weight and survive numerous low-speed collisions (in the words of our chief engineer, "it should be smash proof!"). It has to be the ultimate combat machine. Don't worry, we will give you more details about the challenges before you start building your machine.<<

The hill and towing would require 70cc or more type horsepower.....and the smashproofing leads me to consider a three-wheel tubeframe setup. design layout, by preference, would be a Helix engine/transmission on a tubeframe with ATV wheels, oversize chaindrive, and a five-panel armor plate design (which looks a bit like an upsidedown boat) and a few other mods...heh.

Actually this is quite interestin....


Re: new show/contest

I think we would have to enter a light, bantam weight class though, lol

most of the machines on junkyard wars use v-8 engines and truck bodies !

We have to demand that it had pedals, right ?

Reep the driver ? Hmm, sounds like a way to win another metal leg :)

Re: new show/contest

Reeperette /

Yeah, I was thinkin lightweight too....but the idea of moped-power just falls short, unfortunately, when you consider most of the requirements.

Hell if we could convince Fred to drive, I'd put a CBR900 engine in it - HE can use a clutch, which I cannot.

I am re-thinking my design plans on it...and have decided to keep em to myself, for the most part, but the trike styling is out, imma go with a different design altogether.

(the basic designs already laid out)

I really, totally, wanna piece of this....seriously.


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