Great mopeding weather in Ohio

Hey,Everyone! I've been on my 7 days off and the weather in Ohio has been SO GOOD!! I went on 4 consecutive long moped trips in as many days! 160 miles,100 miles,150miles,and 70 miles yesterday.So I obviously couldn't keep track of the `Mopedarmy's Discussions'.Hope everyone is getting out there and `pedding when they can.Our good weather is ending with rain today and then turning colder tomorrow and the next day,plus I have to drive 460 miles to SW Illinois to take my wife and her friend to a prolotherapy clinic(which I talked to Ree about),so my mopeding is over for awhile now.BUMMER! On a bad note,the Franco-Morini in my Sebring may be making some noise.(Sounds like both clutch sets may be clashing at road speed.Any ideas?It's either that or the rear wheel bearings are going out again.I sure hope it's the rear wheel bearings.Anyway,I'm going to remove the engine and check it and go ahead and install my 60cc kit if the tranny is o.k..Talk to you all Sat.night.! Don-ohio

Re: Great mopeding weather in Ohio

At least you got to ride while it was still warm...gonna get colder now, so you don't have to worry about driving the wife and missing out on too much....

ah yes, having a wife....mine's the only reason that I still own a car :)

Re: Great mopeding weather in Ohio

HaHa,Jimmy!Yeah,I was wrong about the weather though.It stayed warm and sunny in Southern Ohio for another 2 days after Wednesday.I was regretting it all the way to s.e. Missouri(Cape Girardeau is nearly 1000 mi. round trip for us)).But my wife got the prolotherapy she needed and feels better already.Well,I looked into the tranny problem and found a coupla' things.FIRST,the pin which holds the end of the starter clutch return spring fell out of it's socket,and the clutch bearing was haphazardly rubbing and bouncing off the clutch plate washer.This was causing the Sebring to act like I was pulling the clutch lever intermittently at road-speed.Secondly the clutch pad was sticking too near the clutch drum.Simple problems if you have the parts.The worst problem is that the starter clutch bearing was questionable to start with and now the ball-bearings won't stay in their respective retainers.I'm only hoping that Mopedwarehouse can get me a clutch starter bearing in a hurrry.

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