Fixing a Garelli

I have a 1980 VIP 2-Speed Deluxe. It's been sitting in my parents' garage for 15 years, and only started two or three times. It's in great condition except for a warped rear wheel (the 'ped was stolen for a few weeks - another story). It wouldn't start but I cleaned the carb, gas tank and fuel line and it started on the first kick! The problem is it smokes a lot and spits a little oil out the exhaust. I did the "compression test", putting my thumb over the spark plug opening and it didn't blow my thumb off, so I figure I need new rings/gaskets etc. The engine is now on my basement floor.

Am I missing a possible easy solution for the problem, so I don't have to tear the engine apart? Don't think it's the mixture, I only put a quart in the tank along with 1 oz oil. I don't think too rich of a mixture would make it spit oil, either.

Also, any ideas on parts and/or service in the Cincinnati/NKY area?


Re: Fixing a Garelli

hey! you're from cincy!??! that rules... we have a brach of the moped army ( <a href="">the bombardment society</a> ) here in cincinnati...

as for the smoking.. did you clean out the exhaust really well? emily's kreidler smoked REALLY bad when she got it, but after cleaning the exhaust, it cut down a good bit... still smokes a little, though...

im afraid that i can't be of too much help... but someone else certainly will.. i just wanted to say hello since you are from cincy... haha.

oh, and the only place i know of around here for parts is Ike. he is in georgetown, OH (out rt. 32 past batavia)... if you need to get ahold of him, post in the forum "ATTN: IKE"... he's a great guy and i think he even has a few garelli parts... also, there are garelli parts on Ebay occasionally...

plus, we all work on our own peds here in me and brians basement... maybe we could help out if you need anything... take care and keep in touch!

swarm & destroy,


Re: Fixing a Garelli

Ron Brown /


I wish you had posted before you pulled the engine, unless there was some other reason.

Your ped is a 2 stroke, it burns all the oil you mix with the gas and no more. Even if you had no rings, it could not burn more oil than is mixed with the gas. It may not run well with bad rings, but oil burning will not change.

As long as the engine is out, look through the exhaust port and make sure the rings are not stuck in the grooves. Put it back together and ride it a lot with 3 oz of good 2 stroke oil per gallon, then post the results.

Carry a spare plug. It sounds like you may be running rich and you will need it to get home.


Re: Fixing a Garelli

Thanks Ron, I will put it back together and blow it out. I should do more reading up on two-strokes. :)

Casey mentioned it may be something with the exhaust. I had scraped some gunk out of the exhaust with a coat hanger, maybe it's just burning this off.

Could it matter also that I used lawnmower oil? I will use some old Garelli oil I have, I just wasn't sure it would still be good. Maybe it wouldn't smoke as much.

Nice website, Casey! I will definitely keep in touch.

Re: Fixing a Garelli

Ron Brown /


As long as the lawnmower oil is 2 stroke, you are fine. If not, throw the gas away and use real 2 stroke oil.

As for the Garelli oil, it is probably not as good as modern 2 stroke oils, but I bet there are people willing to buy it from you as a collector's item.


Re: Fixing a Garelli

What mix ratio are you using? You should be using 50:1, 2.5 ounces per gallon of two stoke oil.

Re: Fixing a Garelli

Thanks for all the info.

I got the 'ped running today. It was smoking and spitting oil for a while, rode it for a half hour then it cleared up and barely smokes at all now. Got it up to 25 before chickening out (warped wheel).

Thanks for the help, Ron. I was assuming it had a more serious problem and you saved me a lot of time and money.

Now all I need is a new rear wheel and a clutch cable.

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