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I think I'm going to stop posting the moped news stories I come across on the various news and wire services. I'll still save the stuff I come across on one of my drives though--

I don't see many comments about the individual stories-- and the thread ususally dissapears into the fourm archive with in a week or so.

Some people were offended that stories were often about accidents, murders or mishaps, but as Ree mentioned--that' s what is "newsworthy"

I might approach Simon, about adding a small portion of the new site, pehaps a specific page for people to post news stories and links to stories about mopeds.

And maybe, just maybe, if you read something really stupid someone did on a moped, you might think twice about doing it.

I'm getting busier with School, and I didn't get the impression many people were reading, or were intersted in occurences of "Moped" in the worlds newswires and headlines.

Re: Moped News Stories

Unfortuneatly, "If it bleeds it leads" is the motto of news agencies, so you would tend to find negative storylines.

Interesting to me though, was how world wide mopeds ARE in the news.


Re: Moped News Stories

hey wayne! im all about the stories! completely enjoy them... i think mentioning to simon about having a section of the site with "mopeds in the news" articles is a great idea...

thanks again!


Re: Moped News Stories

you rule with the stories Wayne, problem is it just enforces the idea that drunks and idiots ride mopeds,but it is entertaining..Rog

Re: Moped News Stories

Ron Brown /


I enjoyed the stories. I think the lack of response is becajse it is a news story. Unless you were there, it is hard to argue.


Re: Moped News Stories

I vote for the stories,Wayne.Any moped in the news interests me.I can't help it!See ya,`Gadget Man'!

Re: Moped News Stories

Simon King /

I like 'em. I do think we should have a section on the site. I could make a tool for you to add them with and everything.

Today I went to the library in Kalamazoo and looked up all the newspaper stories in the archives that had to do with mopeds. I found stories about legislation from the 70's and other fun stuff. I'd like to share those on the site when I get the time.


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