Painting Puch Star Mags

Hey, I got a set of limited puch magnum mags. There a creame color. There on my maxi, and i would like to paint em. What would work best? There metal, and i heard there originally powerdercoated. I want to make them white but im afraid that when i put the tire on, i will scracht the paint and it wont be durable to the elments.

I read the post before about using bumper paint. How is that?

Thanks everyone!!

Re: Painting Puch Star Mags

SteelToad /

Bumper paint will scratch pretty easily. Are they aluminum ? If they are, it would look cool if you just took them down to the local auto repair shop and just had them glass beaded so they would be bare. For really tough paint, you need to powdercoat, or a good enamel.

Re: Painting Puch Star Mags

InfectedBootSector /

You really need to have them bowdercoated if you want to keep them nice. You can't just paint wheels, especially softer materials like aluminum, because the stresses involved with the wheels flexing will crack regular paint and it will flake off...

If you do decide to go the paint route, make sure you read up on refinishing aluminum wheels for cars... use the same process. Paint, them laminate with a clear coat of some sort.

I DID have a tutorial on how to refinish aluminum VW tear drop wheels, since I have a Golf with them on it, but I don't know what I did with it...

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