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Anybody out there own a QT50 or had one. Need to know what to expect as far as performance goes. What was or is your top speed? I'm getting about 25, but I think that's about it. Could be wrong. 49cc engine. 2 speed trans, shaft.

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FizzyStef /

My brother's got a QT50. We got about 30 out of it, downhill, screaming the engine. But yeah, it has a maxdesign speed of 25. I think there is some kinda restrictor in the engine or somthin like that.

A few days later it had an electrical fire and i stood back and watch the gastank detonate leaving a hole in the road. Luckily the engine and frame are still pretty much salvagable and it will be reborn!

Info thanks

Thanks for the info. Yeah, I figured 25 would be about it. I can hit probably 40 going downhill during a tornado. ha ha ha Too bad about your bro's fire. I just rebuilt mine from another one I had. Actually, Yamaha STILL has parts for these. I found the CDI, lights, switches and other electrical parts available. But Yamaha is VERY PROUD of their parts, be expected to pay some bucks for them. But, they do exist.

Re: QT 50 owners

I own two QT50 and each one has NO problem going 30 mph on the level. My wife being a little lighter than myself can go about 32 or 33 miles a hour. The exhaust port on these machines can become very clogged at about 2000 miles. Take off the muffler and see if clogged where it attaches to engine. May need to take a real small screwdriver and scrape the carbon away. Do this very carefully. The second qt50 I bought would not go 15 mph until I cleaned this out. After that it really went. Steve

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