for anyone who is interested...

the cincinnati branch of the moped army, "the bombardment society", have our own website now... i have been learning HTML, and thought this would be a great project for me....

there are some pics of all of our mopeds (and some video clips of us riding) and a little other info and whatnot..

there IS a message board, but it by no means is meant to take the place of this forum... but feel free to post on our board anything at all you feel needs discussing... maybe our forum can be used to kinda "talk smack", discuss non-moped related issues (music, politics, whatever..), or tell me how nice the site looks for someone who has only been learning HTML for a few weeks.. =]

and feel free to email me or post here and let me know what you think! i'd love feedback (and submissions!)... any videos, pics, or anything you have.. send them my way...

okay, thats all... take care and i hope you all ejoy the site..


Re: for anyone who is interested...

i guess it would help if i posted the link, huh?

<a href=""></a>;

Re: for anyone who is interested...

Nice Breadbags.

Did you win those from e-bay??


Re: for anyone who is interested...

Nice webpage Casey... the pics showed up well and the movies worked...

We see how fast your peds go downhill...ok, now, how fast do they go uphill ?


nice work

Re: for anyone who is interested...


Just a suggestion. you should add -><META http-equiv="imagetoolbar" content="no"><-

To the head of your documents on your web page so people with ie6 dont see the image tool bar

Remove -> <- before inserting

Re: for anyone who is interested...

hey! aweosme, thanks.. yeah, i was trying to figure out a way to do that.. that tool bar is annoying as crap.

thanks everyone.. =]

since the novelty hasnt worn off yet, i will probably update it as often as i can.. so keep checking back..


Re: for anyone who is interested...

Simon King /

you can also add it on a per image basis by putting the galleryimg="yes" or galleryimg="no" attribute on an image. this is useful if you want to have it on certain images, such as ones that are meant for people to download.

Re: for anyone who is interested...

Really cool and very artistic and you people are all very talented. Thanks, walter

Re: for anyone who is interested...

hey walter.. thanks alot! i appreciate it!

and thanks for the tips everyone on the IE 6 thing... i added it, and it works. =]

i also added a new menubar thing... and im going to redo the images on the main page to fit the frame a little better tomorrow..

take care


Re: for anyone who is interested...

Nice-looking bikes,Casey!Looks like you did swell on the site!Really like the Kriedler and Motobecane and top-tank Garellis ALWAYS!

Re: for anyone who is interested...

thanks don! yeah, that garelli is matts new one... its a nice one, huh?

and im way jealous of the kreidler.. =]


Re: for anyone who is interested...

Yeah,Casey!And Kriedler made some KILLER Top-Tanks too! Is that Kriedler by any chance the one I passed up that came from Wheelersburg,OH?I kicked myself for that.It had a digital speedo and I think someone near Ohio bought it.(:^)

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