CIAO flywheel question

I'm putting the flywheel back on my 72 Ciao and in the Haynes wookshop manual on page 24 section 19 #3 it states"Fit the small metal ducting plate into position and tighten the single retaining screw." I don't think that I have this on my engine. On the diagram on page 20, what # part is this plate and screw? If I don't have this then what keeps the flywheel from coming loose? Thanks in advance to anyone who answers. bruce

Re: Pg.20, item 20 & 21 and..

When installing the clutch, make sure the spacer #75, goes with the "hat brim" in. just like in the diagram.

You'll be running in no time.


Re: Pg.20, item 20 & 21 and..

Crisis--Cincinnati /

If you took it off, surely you remember how to put it back on. : )

Re: Pg.20, item 20 & 21 and..

Maybe a previous owner disregarded these parts. bruce

Re: CIAO flywheel question

The manual made it sound like the plate and screw held the flywheel on. Thanks for clarifying this for me. I do have this plate but mine is plastic. bruce

Re: CIAO flywheel question

I own/have owned 7 Vespa mopeds and have a few junk motors. All of them have had plastic cylinder shrouds. I've found many subtle differences like this in the Haynes manual. I suppose it was based on the late 60's models, or perhaps the versions shipped to the UK were different in some of these aspects.

Good luck.


Re: One more for Kinetic + tip

The Kinetic TFR, which uses a copy of the Ciao engine and drive train, does have this plate made of metal. On the one I worked on though, it was only painted on the outside. Both sides should be painted to prevent corrosion.

The other good difference is the fuel bowl on their carburetor has a drain screw.


When installing this plate on a Grande or other motor that uses a metal clip in the cylinder fins and the clip has been removed from the cylinder, heres what to do.

Install the clip onto the plate in the same orientation as it will go on the cylinder.

Line up the plate with the cylinder, and give it a whack on the screw. This way you have all these pieces installed at one time instead of trying to line up th clip with the hole in the plate and the correct cooling fin

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