Pujo. spark

Hi all.

i have this ped that ran 3 days ago. but you know how that is, i have spark ,but only when turn over slow. nice big blue spark. when i turn fast the spark disappears. ? for the day. Thank for your time Dan

Peug 103

Re: Pujo. spark

Ron Brown /


Check the points gap, surface and that the moving point is not sticky on the pivot.

You may want to check the condenser too, although I can't really think of why this would affect it this way.

If you have electronic ignition, you probably have a bad igniter.


Re: Pujo. spark

thanks Ron . I open the points further . they were set at .016 when i open to 20 i got full spark. i looked at the condenser. looks to me like they put a condenser from a lawn mower in it . its sparking but not starting . im going to gey the right one for it. Dan

Re: Pujo. spark

Mike (MA) /

Hi Dan,

I had this problem over the weekend. WHen I pedalled fast, the spark disappeared. I tried all sorts of points cleaning and adjustment but to no avail. What finally worked was reducing the gap on my spark plug a little. It was at the spec'ed 0.5mm (Sachs 505 engine). I reduced it to about 0.3mm. I suppose the spark disappearing is a symptom of weak spark, and the closing the plug gap just reduces the voltage required for the current to arc. The plastic on my coil is cracked, and I could imagine air-moisure getting in there and causing a weaker spark, maybe... But the plug gap did the trick for now...


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