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Deon (a.k.a) Sprint Man /

My friends are planning on buying a Mesketo SX, a Linhai Powermax 2, and a Tomos Targa LX. Will you please tell me what you think about those mopeds.

Moped Question (what to buy)

Can you post any links to the above machines? We know a lot about the Targa, but I haven't seen a lot posted about the first two, that's why I ask for a link.

One of my first questions, would be: "Why 3 machines, instead of one brand (or model)...?"

Is this their 1st moped? If so, and you're close to each other, I would really suggest that you all get the same basic machines--even if you did get different 'models'.

That way, you can share knowledge and experience, and you're sure to run into the same general types of problems, and if you work together, you'll all be skilled in no time.

I think a lot of people will suggest you get 3 Tomos models, or 3 Puch models, etc. There are a lot of nice new mopeds. I'm not the 'final word' by any means-- but I would personally steer clear of those 1st two, just because they aren't very well known.

I'll dredge up some info on them, if possible, to enhance the discussion.

Dont forget the questions--

1. Are these your friends 1st mopeds?

2. Would your friends consider buying all the same brand? (This might make sense as far as learning and low cost repairs.)


Re: Moped Question (powermax)

Linhai Powermax 2

this is not a moped, it's a scooter. You might be able to register it as a "50 cc " machine but it's not a moped. Tell them not to buy it.

It probably costs a lot more, anyway.


Re: Moped Question (Mosquito)

Neither of those machines are mopeds. So, I think your friends should go with a "true moped" and not just any machine has a 2-stroke engine.

Re: Moped Question

Deon (a.k.a) Sprint Man /

Thanks, your entrys realy helped my friends desision alot. They are now going to purchase a Tomos Targa, and a Targa LX.

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