Went out on the snail..

Today. it was close to 60 out and I havent fired it up (oh heck there arent any pedals, oh well I guess I'll just have to push that pesky ol starter button) for a while, I guess all snails are girl snails huh? Oh its been too cold to ride to work and I havent lost my license yet, so I've been takin the car, my neighborhood is nice enough, but I have to ride through the roughest part of town to get to work, does anybody carry any weaponry with them or on the bike??pepper spray, ball bat,firearms? things of that nature...Hey what do they cook at the BBQ is it the fish that Don-Ohio catches after he gives up riding cause of the dust I leave him in or the squirrel from his Fred Flinstone motor dead from a heart attack, squirrel chalupa anyone?? baaa hahahahahaha...ever heard of the tortoise and the hare? How about the moped and the snail hahahahaha ... ahhhhh sour grapes, how sweet...In fact the 40cc scooter (skateboard with weedeater motor)Im gettin ready to order should be able to overtake a moped,hmmm both feet free to kick more butt with.....nyuck,nyuck,nyuck...oh well back to the real world, I will prolly lose license this week, DWI in case you werent aware,, but I dont drink anymore,oh bonus! my boss called me at home this morning to tell me , he spoke with the plant manager about promoting me to technician,,cool with me I can use another 3bucks/hour..supposed to be fairly warm this week but I sleep in the daytime,breakdown of schedule (you can tell I'm bored its 01:35)


07:30-09:00am-eat, TV

09:00- 4:30pm sleep

5:30- 8:00pm class (mental health center for alcohol )**

8:00-10:30pm free time,internet,tv,etc

**most of the folks in class are crack addicts,,these people mostly look pretty rough and scrawny and have bad teeth ,PLEASE, dont even try this crap!! they are nice people that never thought they could get hooked on anything!!

well you can see I dont have much in the way of free time except sat. night

and where am I ? reading moped stories... ahh what a life....Roadwolf

OK Stinky its your turn to bat.........

Re: Went out on the snail..

Reeperette /

>>I've been takin the car, my neighborhood is nice enough, but I have to ride through the roughest part of town to get to work, does anybody carry any weaponry with them or on the bike??pepper spray, ball bat,firearms? things of that nature...<<


Ok, firstoff...I switch my brake handles so the rear brake is on the same hand as the throttle, in the case of Tomos, that's the right hand.

Anyhow, by putting both of those controls on one hand, you can prettymuch operate the moped one-handed without worryin about being flipped over the handlebars....which leaves your left hand free for..umm.."defensive action".

Pepper Spray - useless on a ped, blowback/dispersal problems, however one of the heavy, fist-sized CS Foggers makes for an excellent anti-gang smokescreen.

(if you live near gang turf, otherwise it's a waste of money.)

Ball Bat - Bad idea, any rigid weapon is as likely to clean your clock as it is thiers, especially when you are in motion.

Firearms - Without a permit, bad idea...too loud, too obvious, and way too traceable.

There's three items that work well enough, depending on local regulations, mind

Cobra/Asp Blitzwhip...not the solid baton, but the coiled spring-steel jobbies.

Nunchaku - that's IF you're any good with em, which I certainly ain't.

Length of chain - Prolly the best bet, it's handy, you have an excuse to carry it, and with a little practice, it can be used with a fair degree of precision.

The best way to get outta trouble is to avoid it in the first place, be aware of your surroundings and potentive trouble spots - and react accordingly.

If you notice a buncha thugs hanging around a stoplight or sign, in a light traffic area, just run the damn thing, yannow ?

Just use good sense and avoid conflict when you can, but be advised that there are times when you can't - and also times when you should not.

If you run from the same coupla punks more than once, eventually you'll pay for it, dearly....trust me on this, there are times when it's best to respond, in order to prevent escalation.

In such a case plan your response to leave them scared shitless of you, it prevents recidivism.


Re: Went out on the snail..

The way I see it. If you have to drive through the same bad part of town everyday, and you happen to have to defend yourself, you probably should just find another route. G money's will just pull out a gun the next time they see you drive through, and blast your ass.

My Sebring eats Escargot,Rog!

Bring on your little snail scooter.Oh,and fishing while waiting for you to extricate yourself from a pothole is a good way to kill time.I'll tell you what to do about that bad neighborhood ,Rog.Since you're riding a snail,SLIME THEM! They can't follow you if you lay down some `slime trail'.Seriously,Rog,if I think for one minute I'm in real danger and CAN'T avoid that scenario,I just load the 9mm and place it in my tool bag.`Course I live up here where you'd just get a wrist-slapping for carrying a concealed weapon..... In the city I'd use Ree's chain wielding idea.After all,he's from Baltimore,and I've heard others talk of that place with dread.If they take your license,Rog,immediately ask your lawyer to get you `driving to and from work' privileges.My younger brother did that and it really helped him out.HAPPY SNAILS,Rog!`Giddyup Snail'! Signed-`Your Escargot eatin' buddy,Don'

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