Lead additive in 'peds

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Most of our mopeds have a DO NOT USE UNLEADED GASOLINE sticker on the tank. Problem is, you can't get unleaded anymore. I've been using some old lead additive stuff that we had lying around, one ounce treating 10 gallons. Does anyone else use lead? Good idea or bad idea? Is there a specific brand I should get? Thanks!


Re: Lead additive in 'peds

The short answer: NO!

This has been explained before. If you use the "Search" function here and key word "Lead additive", you'll get the whole story.

Bottom line is that two strokes don't need lead since there are no valves. The sticker was too keep people from putting in white gas and ruining the motor. White gas? Search that also. These will be related topics

Do the search and you'll learn more than you ever wanted to know about this, and save money on unneeded additive.


Re: Lead additive in 'peds

What about using dura-Lube transmission fluid? when you change your gear oil...?

Re: Gear oil Additives

Only if it says it's safe to use with wet clutches in motorcycles. Some additives made for cars can damage wet clutches in two wheelers.

If they have website listed, it may have an FAQ section.


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