Indian moped trouble, need moped advice even if yo

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i got a 79 indian that was my girlfriends dads... the motor was froze up and i got it to work fine after 12 years of sitting. I put new oil in it and everything... and after a week later it locks up... it seems to be in the flywheel... i tore it all apart again and everything was looking good... but when put it back together, it stops after about 1 petal rotation. Yet again, without the flywheel it goes in cycle... The bike itself only has 800 miles on it. Is there a washer that goes in between the flywheel and the shaft? It seems like there is somekind of friction around that area that wasnt there before ? Does anyone got any ideas? And where can i get parts for the Indian?

i would appreciate any advice...


casey jones

Re: Indian moped trouble, need moped advice even i

Your in luck! bought a Indian dealership, he has parts and lots of great info on mopeds. Tell Chris (owner/mechanic) I sent you. Doug D. (VA)

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