help with a garelli

onfire4Him /

Hey, can anyone tell me how to get the clutch of off a 1978 two-speed garelli?

Re: help with a garelli

You need to empty out the crank case, take off the side or the crank case, get a clutch puller and yank it. I have never done it, but I have looked into it.

Re: help with a garelli

Jesus Nut /

We figured it out, actually. The thing in the middle is held on by 4 little rubber things that just pop out, and then you can get at the nut. It comes off the usual way, and then the clutch will come off by hand. It's a splined shaft, not a tapered fit.

Re: help with a garelli

Crisis--cincinnati /

Sweet! Good thing for you guys. I have to take mine to Ike's, and we have to use a clutch puller.

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