poor bi turbo engineering

I must say that it sucks quite a bit that i have to get a side stand which is an inferior kick stand because some lazy ass engineer making the bi turbo pipe decided to ignore the stand postion. It would have taken them an extra minute to modify the design to fit with the stand. The clearance would not be a big deal......idiots

sorry to rant

Re: poor bi turbo engineering

I haven`t figured out why there is a need to install a side stand, I have 2 Tomos with a biturbo and still use the oreginal center stand, it don`t interfear in any way (93 & 94 Tomos TT) Doug D.

Re: poor bi turbo engineering

Pepe Roni /

nappy time


Re: poor bi turbo engineering

InfectedBootSector /

My puch stand rubs it a little.... I think I will get a sidestand anyway, but it isn't too bad....

I had more problems with the pedal hitting it.... (it is a little bent from a wreck two years ago...)

Re: poor bi turbo engineering


Re: poor bi turbo engineering

Ive never had problems with my 99 TT

Re: poor bi turbo engineering

unless you turn super-bike style, knee on the ground. . . then you have nothing to worry about. Or if you;re very heavy, and the bike bottoms out, that could be a problem. My reccomendation to you Is to buy adjustable shocks, they run at $70, and you wont bottom out.


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