COSMO COLT Moped 411

Any you have any information on a Cosmo Colt moped?

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They look cool!

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They were sold by Cosmopolitan Motors of Hatboro, Pa. The Colt came in a choice of 1 or 2 speed auto tranny. Had a Franco Morini engine, 14mm Dell'Orto carb and Pirelli tires. Chrome alloy wheels was an option.

Came in 2 models Colt I, $628, Colt II $645 in 1980 $



1 or 2 speed auto

weighs 100 lbs dry

tank cap, 2.5 gal

rated top speed 25 mph

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Thanks Zippy. Do you know if they were built good or slapped together to make a quick buck

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Don't know. Just reading from my reference books. I don't remember having seen anything negative about the Colt.

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Hey,JSailor! I have an old Colt II I took the engine*(2-speed Franco-Morini) off of and put on my Motomarina Sebring.Colts had very nice seats(REAL LEATHER),good suspensions and were tough,but just a little plain looking.I liked the top-tank design but they don't compare in looks or carrying capacity to a Sebring or Motobecane Moby.They are quality bikes though.Before I took the engine off mine,I took a VERY long trip(100 miles or more on it)up hill and down,and several other trips and I don't remember having any problems.Also,it had sat for many years and it started right up with a little T.L.C..

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