Biturbo kickstand question on tomos

I got the bi turbo on, used the hex head bolts and took the studs out, worked really nice and hardware cost under 2 dollars. Put a new jet in the carb using rees notes however i was able to do it without alot of the recommendations such as disconnecting the oil line and the throttle cable. But now i am wondering if you guys use the stock kick stand with the bi turbo exhaust and how it rides. Does it rattle? does it hit the ground? I saw the side stand that mopedwarehouse offers but i don't like the idea of paying 20 dollars for a kickstand and i don't like the fact that it leans. I like to be able to sit on the ped with the stands down. thanks,


Re: Biturbo kickstand question on tomos

i'd test the stand but it's too cold and snowy here

Re: Biturbo kickstand question on tomos

Get a side stand! Your stand will scrap everytime you turn a corner or hit a bumb. Would you rather pay 20 for a side stand, or eat it going 30mph? For real, your stand doesn't come all of the way up anymore with the biturbo on, and that is just dangerous.

Re: Biturbo kickstand question on tomos

on my TT Classic the stands comes all the way up and I have a biturbo. The stands scraps sometimes if I take a sharp corner. This also happens on my friends tomos which is biturboless (poor bastard).

I would reccommend it.

Reeperette /

Go ahead and spring the $20 - it's worth it....I know it leans and all, but the thing is....the original stand tends to drag on tight corners, and if it catches a rock or bad bit of asphalt, you could be in for a serious case of road rash, not to mention you might damage your moped.

Good that you had to make fewer disconnects then planned, obviously the instructions were helpful - not so hard as it looks, now is it ?

Also another $20 worth of upgrade (cheap at the price!) is the 25/27-tooth sprocket upgrade....and I have seen a deal on both (sprocket/kickstand) kickin around but I don't know if it's still on.

25 tooth for rapid accelleration and less top speed, 27 tooth for less accelleration and more top speed.

If yer Bi-Turbo is a two piece, you can also slide the pipe a little longer/shorter to produce some of the same effects.

Happy Motorin,


Re: I would reccommend it.

I didn't get the side stand for various reasons;

many of my friends have them, and they get loose, and come down when riding, and cause nothinb but a distraction; not to mention the bike falls over every time they leave it unattended on the sidestand.

my 120 lbs, makes it easy for my targas' shocks; but I also have adjustable heavy duty suspension. The suspension can be adjusted from supersoft - extra hard rear dapening (sp?). . . with the right setting, the bike wont bottom out on bumps, hard turns on the other hand is a different stroy.

Re: I would reccommend it.

All I know is that walker has a targa top tank golden bullet with a biturbo, and the kickstand only comes half way up, because it hit the biturbo. I wouldn't trust it.

Re: Biturbo kickstand question on tomos

Sprint Man /

Leave the stock stand. If you get the lean stand, you'll get various problems.

1. It wil fall over on wet grass or unattended areas

2. And It will fall down sometimes while your'e riding which causes a dangerous disstraction

I have a 96 Black Tomos Sprint and a have a stock stand with a biturbo. It only hits the ground if I don't kick it up all the way, or if I make very sharp turns. I also kept it on there because you can have your bike elevated evenly while you work on it. The other stand makes your bike lean, which makes it difficult to work on


People only get the lean stand because it leans like a motor cycle

BUT, don't forget what I said above.

Enjoy your ped

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