Will moped fit on Roof Rack?

I was wondering if you could transport a moped on a cars roof rack. I thinking of buying another ped, but don't want to pay for shipping. I'm not sure of the weight limit on those racks, but thought that if I could transport it like I do my mountain bike I would save some duckets.

Re: Will moped fit on Roof Rack?

Contamninated Hyena /

I have seen mopeds on hitch-mount racks with horizontal troughs ala

Hollywoord or Sportracks. I doubt if roof racks would be strong enough

unless you really strapped the hell out it with ratcheting moto straps.

If you rack system is burly enough it would be better to lay the ped on it's side.

If you let the air out of the tires they WILL squeeze into the troughs. I have

had my downhill MTB on a roof trough with 2.8" Michelin tires, but even at

only 45 lbs it was unstable without straps.

It gets ugly when a roof mounted bikes falls over, for the bike and car

-seen it happen. I say throw a packing quilt up there and lay it down.

Good luck!

Re: Will moped fit on Roof Rack?

What kind of car do you have? I know my car has a roof weight limit printed in the owner's manual. You could really damage a unit body car by overloading the roof.


Re: Will moped fit on Roof Rack?

Do you have a trailer hitch on your vehicle? I used to rent trailers from Uhaul for as little as $10 a day, small trailer about 4X6. This was a one day rental.

Re: Will moped fit on Roof Rack?

now that's a good idea?


Reeperette /

That's if you don't tell em what your transporting in it.

Most U-Haul places'll throw a fit about moving anything gas-powered (mower, moped, etc) inside an enclosed vehicle.

Just so you know.


Re: Well...

Thanks Zippy,

I think I like your idea the best. It is a brand new car, and I would hate to scratch it or worse rip it off whith a ped attached. I didn'r realize how cheap trailers could be.

On a seperate note, do you guys think that it would be worth it for me to trade a Vespa scooter that is in process of restoration for a couple of moped. I know most here are moped fans, but I also realize that if I finish this scooter, I could get alot of money.

Thanks for your input.


Re: Well...

I had a 1/2 inch piece of plywood fly off a trailor once and almost went in my windsheild.Ive had boxes come out of trucks and damn near kill me.I had about a 10 pound piece of metal almost come through my windsheild about 2 weeks ago on the way to new orleans i think it was a part of a brake from a 18 wheeler.It got lodged in this piece of plastic on the bumper right by the license plate got some cool pictures for the insurence company.Is what im trying to get at is be real careful if you strap that thing to the roof.I cant imagine the damage a moped would do to the person behind you. remember kids safety first

Re: Well...

Depends what kind of mopeds, and what shape the Vespa is in. You can only get like $400 out of a super mint old moped, and I have seen Vespa's go for at least a couple thousand.

Re: Will moped fit on Roof Rack?

InfectedBootSector /


Check out that URL...I bought one and they are GREAT!!!!

Good price to...

Re: Well...

These were open trailers.

Re: Well...

If you don't have a tow hitch or reciever, Uhaul will sell you one (they don't rent these) Cost about $150-$200 installed. You need to make an appointment to have it installed.

Test all your electrcial lights before you leave Uhaul if they do the install.

Also make sure they quote you a standard 2 " reciever.

The 2 " reciever will also handle the carriers thay sell on EBay

The rental prices I quoted was for an open trailer.

Re: Well...

infectedbootsector Neat hauler. I sent you an email with a few questions

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