Tomos directionals

Hey Guys,

THe turn signals on my Targa LX just stoppped working. What should I look for to fix them? Thanks a lot. Steve

Re: Tomos directionals

check the bulbs first... dunno about Tomos, but on my honda, if i blow one bulb (or one simply comes loose), none of them work...

i almost killed myself trying to figure that one out... =]


Re: Tomos directionals

I just had the same thing happen to my Avanti's headlamp and horn.... traced the wires back to the white plastic connectors and tried each one... seems like vibrations from the engine worked one connector loose... so that is something that happens on mopeds I guess.

Re: Tomos directionals

Reeperette /

The other two bits of advice are solid (thanx guys) and as well, check the flasher has a tendancy to become disconnected.

It's a lil round silver thingie held in place by a rubber sling kinda thing - you'll know it when you see it.


Re: Tomos directionals

gimmyjimmy /


how bout a Elvis flasher?

imagine the look on cagers faces sitting next to you at the red light,

you definiately would remember to turn them off too.

Re: Tomos directionals

Jimmy, that happened all the time with my tomos targa-- the thing about the connector wiggling out of the slot.

Re: Tomos directionals

Deon (a.k.a) Sprint Man /

If you or anybody else can't fix it therselves. Put it in the shop and tell them what's wrong

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