Question about Honda Passport

I normally stick to buying and refurbing mopeds but I found a 1981 Honda Passport in good condition (needs carb cleaned). This is a 70 cc bike, actually licensed as a motorcycle in California. It has turn signals, electric and kick start (no pedals) rear foot pegs and seat wo people.

The person was asking $500 and I have her down to $400. I did a price check on CycleTrader Online and the low was $1500, the high $6500 and the median price was $2000.

I also found one on the Southern cal Recycler online for $500 or best offer.

I checked EBay and they seem to going for anywhere from $600 to about $1000

Do any you guys have any experience with this bike, what do you think?

Post here rather than email if you want



Picture not the actual bike

The picture is not the actual bike. It is one I clipped off EBay

Re: Picture not the actual bike

Zippy I love those old school Honda motorcycles. I would buy one in a second. There was a mint CM91 90cc on ebay that went for like 1000, in cali. It was black with the white leg guard. Good catch Zippy. Ike knows everything about Honda's by the way. So if you need any help, he is the man to ask.


Re: Picture not the actual bike

Hi Chris

I haven't bought it yet. I am going to call the lady and see if it has current license tag. These things are registered as motorcycles out here so if she is behind on the license renewal it could get a litlle expensive I think. The DMV wants their pund of flesh from whoever they can get it from.

Other than that do you think that is a good price? Or to put it another way would you buy it for $400 with the idea of fixing it up and selling it for a profit? That is what I am trying to decide.

Gotta find out about the license first, could kill the deal.

Re: Picture not the actual bike

in ca. they make you keep a vehicle licensed? If you decide to take it off the road for a few years then you have to pay fees back to the day the registration ran out?

Im confused ...

In NY you can cancel the reg anytime. They dont even make you turn in the plates. Of course the 2 wheeled vehicles would not be legal for on road usage if you cancelled the reg. Maine is the same way.

Re: Picture not the actual bike

Hi Don

You can get a "NO OP" to take it off the raod. I just checked with the lady and that is what she did so I shouldn't get hit with back fees, just current registartion and license.

I think I am going to buy it and start moving up in my range of bikes. I already an old Honda 175 Scrambler that a customer gave my son so we are turning into "Bikers"

Re: Picture not the actual bike

yeah zip, im with crisis.. those things are super nice... for not being mopeds... =]

i actually wouldnt mind having an old honda cub... =]

go for it!


Re: Picture not the actual bike

I used to have a silver 1982 Honda Passport. I sold it about a year ago for $750 cnd (roughly $475 US). It was very clean, had ownership and ran but didn't idle very well. Parts for it are still availble (Honda keeps parts for 15 years and after that it's just whatever is left but I believe the Passport is still sold in other countries and looks almost identical). Personally, I didn't really care much for it as it had an automatic 3 gear clutch which I found kinda awkward. Could be though because I'm used to my Vespa with it's hand operated clutch.

Re: Picture not the actual bike

Hi John

So basically it is an automatic tranny?

What model Vespa do you have? Man they were dumping them up in San Francisco after the Dot Bomb happened. A lot of Dot Comers had bought Vespa scoots as a speculation and prices on these puppies were out of sight. Prices seemed to have dropped a lot on the scoots now in the Bay Area. They are very practical in San Francisco where parking is a pain. Mopeds don't cut it because of the very steep long hills.

Thanks for the feedback

Re: Picture not the actual bike

Zippy, I would say 400 is a good price for it, as long as it runs a bit, and looks nice. You could just put a 65cc kit on a ped and ride it around San Fran all day long.

Re: Picture not the actual bike

The bike works by a "Y" shaped foot pedal where the rear part is downshifting and the front is up shifting.. somewhere in there is neutral.. so basically you're in neutral, click and in gear (but you arn't moving until you give it gas) and as your moving you just click it again to put it in another gear..

I have an original manual for a passport that I can get you any specific information.

Re: Picture not the actual bike

The passport is 70cc.. on mine I could hit 80km/h.

Re: Go for it!

Hey Zippy,

You can't go wrong with that model providing the engine and trans are good. I understand that is the longest continuous production motorcycle in history, and are still produced today. If you ever see street scene pictures of Southeast Asia, you'll see the streets are crawling with them. They are the limos of that part of the world where everyone rides a bicycle

The basic model remains unchanged. the last big change was in the early sixties when they went from push rod valves to overhead cam. I believe the bulk of them are the 3 speed automatic.

You'll like it!


Re: Go for it!

Hi Jim

Aren't you in So Cal? I found another Passport in the Recycler Online in the 818 area code when I was doing price checks. They are asking $500 obo. if you are interested in having another toy.

Thanks for the input.

Re: Go for it!

hey zippy im in california near san fran and i have 2 i wanna get rid of one is running and other is not, give me your phone # mine is 925 254 2628 my name is oliver, thanks

Re: Go for it!

Hi Oli

My number is 408-255-7113. I am in Cupertino. I have laryngitis right now and can only talk in a whisper. You can also email me by clicking on my email link in this post.


Re: More toys??

Yep, Zippy I'm in the L.A. area, but my toys are starting turn into that Evil Krusty Doll on one of the Simpson's Halloween episodes.

I still have a Ciao I have no idea when I'll get to.

Thanks for the tip, anyhow.


Re: More toys??

Hi Jim

What happened to your Grande?

I still have a home in Redondo Beach. Next time I come down I'll let you know. Maybe we can look up George the MopedWhiz and go over and pop wheelies on his souped up Urban Express.

Follow Up, bought the Passport

Picked up the Honda Passport today in San Francisco. I hadn't seen it till I got there today. It was originally yellow with white leg shields. The girl who owned it had painted it white and trimmed it with blue stars. She said she wanted it to look like Evil Knevil's bike. She said she even had Evil Knevil outfit she wore when she rode it.

I have to clean the carb, charge the battery and should be ready to go.

All I need now is a canyon to jump

Thanks to all

Re: Follow Up, bought the Passport

hey zippy!

PLEASE take a picture of that passport with the Evil Kinevil paintjob!

i sooo want to see that. =]


btw: congrats and good luck! keep us posted!

Re: Follow Up, bought the Passport

Ok, I'll take some pics and post them.

Re: What happened to the Grande...


The Grande is still my overall favorite. It's been going well with over 1200 miles since the rebuild. One of the starter clutch springs broke recently and I replaced them with a hardware store item til I get a real one.

Congrats on the Passport! They truly are legendary.

That sounds like a great idea if you come down this way. Meeting both Whizzes would be an experience!


Re: I wouldnt be caught dead with a moped like tha

If I want any shit out of you ass hole. I'll squeeze your head

Re: I wouldnt be caught dead with a moped like tha

Ron Brown /

Go Zippy!

Re: I wouldnt be caught dead with a moped like tha

Crisis--Cincinnati /

I think Mike has some issues about his masculinity...for real! Dude is a complete biggot homophobe!

Re: Question about Honda Passport

$400 for that Passport? GO FOR IT!!

I'm a real Honda fourstroke freak. A Passport in that condition will normally cost you about $1000 or more.

Well, okay, I'm comparing it with the prices they ask for them in Europe, but still, $400 is a bargain!

You've got an electric starter, a 3 speed gearbox and all the electric thingy's. And a fourstroke engine wich will run at about 50 kilometers to the liter ... wich would be about 130 miles to the gallon :). It's not very fast because it's all standard. It'll do about 80 Kph wich would be about 50 Mph. The great advantages of the fourstroke engine are that it runs on ordinary leaded gasoline, so no oilmix and stinking fumes anymore. And the engine will last so much longer than any twostroke engine. 100.000 miles on the engine shouldn't be too much of a problem as long as you take good care of it. And after the 100.000 miles you simply revise the engine and go another 100.000 miles :)

And Honda C50/C70/C90/passport's are so comfortable, and the roadhandling is great.

BUY IT !!!

Re: Question about Honda Passport

Thanks Ivo

I did in fact buy it. I have seen them listed here for up to $3000 in prime condition, low miles.

Where are you located? U.K.?

Re: Question about Honda Passport

Ron Brown /


I'm sure Ivo will answer, but for future reference, .nl at the end of a URL is Netherlands. U.K. would be .uk.

Just because his english is better than most of us, does not mean he is english. : )


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