Is 70cc kit bad for the bike?

I was wondering if strapping on a 70cc kit would hurt engine and drive train componits (especialy sprokets). Everything on the bike, rod, crank, clutch, etc. is only made for the stresses of a 1.5 horse motor. Has any one who has insalled the kit had problems with parts giving out?

RE: Is 70cc kit bad for the bike?

Well Jon....... its not like its now going to be putting out 15 HP.... maybe 2 or 3.... But you are somewhat correct.... A bore kit and pipe will make more HP and more RPM and will cause more wear and shorter life for all the parts you mentioned.....May be your stock parts would last 10,000 miles, and after you modified it they will last 6,000 (just a guess)......... The biggest risk is a piston seizure caused by the carb jetting being too lean for the increased HP....So keep an eye on your spark plug.....An all white plug means its too lean, put in a richer main jet.

RE: Is 70cc kit bad for the bike?

Using a heavy-duty racing oil for 2-stroke dirt bikes may also help in some way by providing better lubrication.

RE: Is 70cc kit bad for the bike?

if you install it correctly and take care of the moped in general you should be fine. you are correct though mopeds are not meant to handle such performance as x<50mph cause that's how fast you'll be going. tom from bsh installed a 70cc kit on his 2000 targa lx and he just burned out the piston. if you can't regularly maintain the gas/oil mix than don't i don't recommend getting it.

in general after my experience with these things i would say just don't get one if you want a long last reliable moped. but they are a lot of fun while they work i'll give them that much.

RE: Is 70cc kit bad for the bike?

On some mopeds the frame will bend due to the higher torque, a Vespa Ciao for instance will bend with anything larger then 49cc but a Honda fourstroke (like the SS50 C50 CD50 Dax Monkey and ZB) will stay straight even with the 106 cc engine's putting out 13 Hp. If your ped is just is flimsy as a Vespa Ciao then I'd think twice about big bore kits because it will make them undrivable.

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