deathly slow TTLX

my '90 TTLX (tomos) has now slowed down to about 10mph, the plug fouls and it eats exhaust gaskets 4 breakfast. what the heck is causing this?

by the way, i have a Biturbo, could it be the reason?

Re: deathly slow TTLX

Not the biturbo.

Had one on my 94 sprint since it rolled off the floor in 94 and never broke a seal.


Re: deathly slow TTLX

Reeperette /

Man, make sure the exhaust isn't clogged...cause that'll do it.

Also a stripped cylinder bolt will cause about the same trouble.

Those are only the two most likely, but worth a look.


Re: deathly slow TTLX

Hi All, the bi-turbo has a lot of little holes down at the packing, they do get clogged up, take the clip off and end cap,pull out the packing... its probaly nasty, then I drilled out the 3 pop rivets to remove the gold outter shell... there is the pipe with holes mabe 6in long... I had to use a drill bit to open mine back up... reverse procedure. You can buy the new oregeral type formed packing about $8. Check around for it, I know Heeters has it. Good Luck! Doug D.

Re: deathly slow TTLX

Sprint Man /

Get the shop to inspect it. Tell them to check out your'e carberator, your pipe, and ask them if you need transmission fluid. You can also try getting a 26 or 27 toothed sprocket. You also might be using low quality oil. Make sure it's good oil and your'e adding correctly

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