biturbo installation

I was sitting in the first calc 4 lecture today and was thinking uhhh duh...why don't i use either an oversized nut on the stud and then the proper nut or a stack of washers and then the nut. Since i can thread the nut on half way with no problem with a socket it makes sense to do this. Then i can really torque it down. I would recommend this cause it should work.



Re: biturbo installation

Why not take the pipe off, double nut the studs, turn them right out, and replace them with allen bolts? Some nice 6mm allens the appropriate length with lock washers would make for a real clean installation.

Re: biturbo installation

Double nut you mean tighten the nuts to each other on the stud and then spin the top nut off which will pull the stud out? I kinda get it.

Re: biturbo installation

Exaclty. If they're in too tight, and you're sure you want to replace them, just grab them with channel locks or vice grips. Double nut should work though. Be careful when you're tightening bolts into the cylinder, they're easy to strip!

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