'Just Mopeds' in Mtn. View, Ca.....R.I.P.?

Contaminated Hyena /

I found a sticker on my PUCH Sport MK II (Is that the right nomenclature?) that

says it came from Just Mopeds....Zippy, you're in Cupertino, right? do you remember that place? Is the moped in general still sold retail? Should I wear my fullface DH bike race helmet (not DOT) I'm glad to see Magura brakes on the thing

(albeit drum) they make some decent disc brakes for bikes these days as well.

Sorry, I'm a giddy newbie, but I needed a new diversion!

These things are cool!

Re: 'Just Mopeds' in Mtn. View, Ca.....R.I.P.?

Ol' Zippy is sick right now,but he'll be glad to help you out I know.

Re: 'Just Mopeds' in Mtn. View, Ca.....R.I.P.?

Welocme to the forum.

Yep I have had a couple of their bikes come through my shop. They are long gone. The SF Bay Area, like the rest of the U.S. used to have a moped dealer in about every town. The only one's I know about in the SF Bay area besides me is Sportsbay in Menlo Park and Moped City in Pittsburg, CA.

I don't sell new bikes or news parts, just refurbed mopeds and parts off of parts bikes. I occasionly will get new parts for my customers if they request it but I refer the new parts stuff to other dealers.

Are you in the SF Bay Area, if so give me a call and stop by. I work out of my residence in Cupertino.

Don's right I am a bit under the weather right now. I was on here yesterday talking with the fellow mopeders.

You will enjoy this forum, tons of good info here and a pretty nice bunch of people

Happy Trails

Zippy (Bill)

Re: laws, etc

Contaminated Hyena /

Thanks for your help and info...I was wondering...what are the "laws" about riding

these things? any diffs, urban vs rural...is it up to the discretion of the cops?

Thanks, I get in touch if I need parts!

Re: laws, etc

California Laws for Mopeds (Motorized Bicycles) are as follows

1. You need to register the moped withe DMV. Get the VIN and motor number (probably the same) and get form REG. 230 from the DMV. It is a 2 sided form. Use the side that says "Original Application for License". Send a check for $6 to the DMV in Sacramento(the address is on the form). DON'T take it to a local DMV, most of them don't understand the laws regarding mopeds.

This is a one time only Reg Fee and you don't have to renew each year. You can also request a new plate for $8.

2. You need at least a Class "C" vaild drivers license

3. you are supposed to have an "M2" license but most people don't bother but it is the law.

4. You must wear a helmet (motorcycle style, not bicycle)

5. no proof of insurnace is required but you can get Liability insurance for about $80 per year through AIS.

6. legal only on surface streets, no freeways

7. legal to ride in bike lanes

If you are in SF check with the city for their reqirements.

Some other tips on your Puch

I noticed it is a 2 speed, drain the tranny and refill with 9.5 ounces of ATF type "F" tranny fluid. DON'T top it off or overfill it. The tranny needs an air space.

Check the inside of the gas tank for rust. Treat it if it is really bad.

Flush the tank with kerosene or acetone until it looks clear.

You may have to get a new fuel petcock or remove and clean it.

Remove the carb and clean it.

Put in a new plug. I use NGK B5HS gapped at .018.

Clean the inside of the spark plug cap with electrical contact spray cleaner.

Gas/oil mix is 50:1 or 2.5 ounces to a gallon of regular gas. Ignore the stikcer that states "Do Not Use UnLeaded Gas". this a 1970s, 80s artifact.

Put it all back together and it should fire right up. You don't have to mess with the points and condensor unless it won't start after you have done all the above.

Good Luck

great advice, thanks...

Contaminated Hyena /

That's just what I needed!


Re: 'Just Mopeds' in Mtn. View, Ca.....R.I.P.?

Matt Kile /


I'd love to check out your stuff, and see if you've got any bikes I couldn't live without. I need to hit Redwood City sometime soon to pick up an oil filter for my Peugeot. Mind if I stop by sometime?

Re: 'Just Mopeds' in Mtn. View, Ca.....R.I.P.?

Be gald to see you. Call before you come to make sure I'm here. 408-255-7113

Re: 'Just Mopeds' in Mtn. View, Ca.....R.I.P.?

Here's some California moped retail history for you.

Just Mopeds was purchased by another moped business named "Mopeds Only"

that operated a store in San Mateo, Ca. and expanded by purchasing "Just Mopeds".

"Just Mopeds " was subsequently incorporated into another moped retailer "The

Effortless Bike" that operated stores in Palo Alto,Ca.- Cupertino,Ca. - Sunnyvale,

Ca.,San Jose Ca. and San Francisco,Ca., Menlo Park, Ca..

"The Effortless Bike " subsequently changed its business name to "Action Sports Ltd" . and operates an internet store named "Sportsbay.com".

Mopeds and moped parts and accessories are available from Sportsbay.com.

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